Korean Women’s International Network San Francisco Chapter - Korean organization in San Francisco CA

Korean Women’s International Network San Francisco Chapter

Korean Women International Network was founded in 2001 together with the birth of Ministry of Gender Equality & Family in Korea which necessitated the need of strengthened solidarity amongst Korean women from different regions of the world to develop and better utilize their resources for greater causes in this age of globalization.

The purpose of the organization is to secure national competitiveness through Korean women’s strengthened solidarity and inter-communication, establishment and active management of overseas Korean women network, and also is to expand its influence in the mainstream society through reinforcement of Korean women’s identity and through inter-generation and inter-region solidification.

The organization takes pride in its concerted efforts to achieve the goals by structuring Korean women network through the organization, by cooperation and meaningful exchange of information at home and abroad, by focusing on training and educating Korean women in all regions, by operating variety of culture programs it provides.

1835 14th Ave.
San Francisco, CA 94122

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